x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 24 January 2018

Woman sentenced to jail after UAE hospital reports her following removal of dead foetus

Woman arrested for sex outside marriage after requiring hospital treatment to remove a dead foetus is sentenced to a year in prison.

DUBAI // A woman whose unborn child died in her womb was reported to police by the hospital treating her and sentenced to a year in jail for having sex outside marriage.

CV, 29, from the Philippines, visited Dubai Hospital after suffering a severe fever and was found to be four months pregnant with a foetus that had died a month earlier.

The hospital treated her before notifying police. The woman and her lover JS, 29, a chef also from the Philippines, were arrested.

Today the Misdemeanours Court sentenced them to one year in prison each on charges of sex outside wedlock. Both will be deported after serving their sentences.

The couple had been living together for about six months before the woman visited the hospital on June 19 this year.

They admitted having an illicit affair, but claimed they were planning to marry on their first trip back to their home country.