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Woman hit would-be rapist with a rock, Dubai court hears

A woman who was dragged into a dark alley and nearly raped struck her attacker with a rock before escaping.

DUBAI // A woman who was dragged into a dark alley and nearly raped struck her attacker with a rock before escaping, a court heard yesterday.

MJ, a 28-year-old Filipina secretary, fooled Bangladeshi defendant MY, 27, into believing she was complying with him before hitting him over the head with a rock, causing him a severe injury, the Dubai Criminal Court was told.

Prosecutors said MY spotted his victim coming out of West Zone supermarket on Al Wasl Road at about 3.30am on March 11 and followed her.

He waited until the woman reached a dark area before attacking her. She told prosecutors that he grabbed both her hands, so she started screamed. "He then covered my mouth with one hand and dragged me with the other," said the secretary.

The defendant started touching her breast underneath her clothes and tried to reach to her private parts.

"You don't have to be violent, I will do whatever you want," MJ told her assailant before asking him if there was a room they could go to.

She told prosecutors she was trying to buy time until she could think of a way to escape.

When the man believed her, he stepped away and said they could go to his room.

It was then that MJ picked up a rock and struck him on the head before running away, records show. She said in her evidence that she was not thinking clearly enough to go to the police then and she also feared seeking the help of authorities because her residency visa had expired.

Two months later, after she had renewed her visa, she was walking in the same area, she spotted her attacker and reported him to the police then.

In court yesterday, MY had a large bruise on his forehead. He denied sexually assaulting MJ and claimed that it all happened with her consent.

A verdict is due on November 14.