x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 28 July 2017

Woman had sex with her brother-in-law, Dubai court told

Woman who had sex with her sister's husband is sentenced to one month in prison and deportation.

DUBAI // A woman who had sex with her sister's husband has been sentenced to one month in prison to be followed by deportation.

SO, 25, from Pakistan, and her Emirati lover MH, 33, were both convicted by the Misdemeanours Court on a charge of illicit sex. The Emirati was also sentenced to a month in prison.

Their affair was discovered on October 20, when the woman began bleeding and, thinking she was going into labour, informed her sister of the affair.

Months earlier she had taken an overdose in an effort to abort the pregnancy.

"I wanted to end my life and that of the baby after my sister found out," recalled the woman.

However, when she arrived at Dubai Hospital she was told she was not pregnant and was reported to police.

The court heard all three shared a home in Oud Matina and that the affair began at the beginning of the year while the wife was away.

"He came to my room and asked to have relations with me," said the woman.

But the husband claimed she had seduced him one day when he returned from work.

He said his wife was sleeping in another room when her sister came into his bedroom wearing transparent clothes and sat next to him.

Their affair continued for another eight months.