x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Woman found semi-naked is jailed for drug use

A woman who was found half naked in front of the Armed Forces GHQ was acquitted of adultery but fined Dh500 for drinking alcohol and sentenced to a year in prison for taking Tramadol.

ABU DHABI // A woman who was found half-naked in front of the Armed Forces GHQ was cleared of adultery yesterday but jailed for a year for taking Tramadol.

FZ, from Uzbekistan, was also fined Dh500 for drinking alcohol.

She claimed she had been kidnapped, stripped, drugged and forced to consume alcohol before being dumped outside the Armed Forces headquarters wearing only a pair of shorts.

A medical examination showed she had had sex, but she said this was only with her husband.

He had remained in Uzbekistan when she left for the UAE on February 4, a month before the incident.

"So you did not take a shower since then?" asked Chief Justice Sayed Abdul Baseer at a previous hearing.

The woman will be deported after serving her jail term.