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Woman divorces after husband's lover uses her ID cards in hospital

A man's wife divorced him after she was called to a hospital where his lover, using her health and ID cards, was miscarrying, an Abu Dhabi court hears.

ABU DHABI // A man's wife divorced him after she was called to a hospital where his lover was miscarrying, a court heard today.

HR, an Emirati, said that more than six months ago she received a call from Al Rahba Hospital asking her to bring in her health card and ID card.

When she arrived she found out that her husband's lover was miscarrying in the Emergency Room after trying to abort a pregnancy at home. She discovered that her husband had used her identity documents to get treatment for his lover.

She was unaware that her husband had been cheating but later found out the affair had started before her marriage and that the two would meet in her husband's car for sex.

"I was only married to him for three months, then I found out they had been lovers for two years," she said. "Why? because he wanted to marry one woman and have a lover."

She filed for, and was granted, a divorce and then filed a lawsuit aginst her husband, the 26-year-old Emirati SS.

At the Criminal Court the man's lover, SM, a 30-year-old Emirati, denied having consensual sex with the man, saying that he had raped her three times. However, the court ruled the sex was consensual and sentenced the husband to three months in prison for sex outside of marriage and three months for forging health certificates.

Court records did not make clear what his lover was sentenced to.

The husband has since married his lover.

They appeared at the Appeals Court yesterday and presented their marriage document to the judge. The husband is currently in jail, but his new wife is out on bail.

The husband told the Appeals Court that he only had sex with his second wife after their marriage earlier this year and therefore was not guilty of sex outside of marriage.

His first wife tried to object to the judge, but was unable to.

The case was adjourned until November 19.