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Woman calls for death sentence after killer's father waives right

A woman is seeking the death penalty against her stepfather because he killed her mother.

ABU DHABI // A woman whose mother was killed by her stepfather has demanded the right in court to have the killer put to death.

The victim's daughter objected to the Criminal Court sentencing the killer to five years and payment of blood money as his father had given away the right to the death penalty.

The killer's father was named as a blood relative because he is the guardian of his grandson, 7, the son of the killer and the victim.

"Where is our right? We lost our mother, and her parents they lost their daughter," the victim's daughter said. "They were considering the young boy but what about us? We have a right, too."

The killer confessed at the Criminal Court that he murdered his wife after a quarrel, but he denied planning or intending to do so.

He told the court that on the day of the killing he was surprised to learn his wife had travelled to Sharjah.

He went to bring her back and agreed to meet her in front of one of a shopping centre. He waited for hours but she never showed, he said.

Then he discovered that she had already travelled back to the capital.

When he arrived home the couple had a quarrel. The killer said his wife held a knife, meaning to kill him.

He said he took the knife from her and then lost awareness of his surroundings for a split second, only to find her lying in a pool of blood when he regained consciousness.

The victim's daughter presented a document to the court that was supposed to show she had power of attorney from blood relatives: her siblings and the victim's parents.

After reading the document, the judge explained she had handed over a document concerning inheritance, not blood relatives.

"I have another one," she told the judge and started looking in her purse. Then, she said: "It's not with me now. I left it at home."

The case was adjourned to May 28.