x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

Woman brought to UAE, forced into prostitution, court hears

Prosecutors say Moroccan told compatriot she had legitimate work prospects in Dubai, then beat her into submission.

DUBAI // A female investor lured another woman to the UAE, locked her up and forced her into prostitution, a court was told today.

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance was told that NL, 26, from Morocco, trafficked GA, 23, also from Morocco. NL was also charged with prostitution.

She denied both charges.

"I did not confess, your honour, I did not do it," she told the judge.

GA told prosecutors she barely knew NL, but met her a month ago in Morocco and was offered a job in ballroom owned by her friend.

"She told me the work visa will cost nearly Dh20,000, and asked me to hand the money to her mother in Morocco," said GA.

She said that in May, NL took her from the airport to her own apartment in Muhaisanah to rest. But she ended up staying there for 15 days without work, GA said.

"She took my passport and claimed that the sponsor asked for it," GA said.

GA said she for her passport, but was threatened with being turned over to police.

NL then told her she could work as a prostitute, records show. When GA refused, NL beat her with a cane and locked her in a room, records show.

"I gave in against my will, and she often brought two men a day for 15 days," GA said.

Records show customers paid Dh1,000 to Dh1,500. GA said she ran away on June 6 after convincing NL she needed to go to the supermarket.

"I didn't know the area and wandered around from 11am until I saw the Qusais police station at 5pm and reported the crime," GA said.

The next hearing will be next hearing to listen to witnesses.