x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 21 July 2017

Woman bit Emirati husband over alimony, Dubai court told

A Kenyan woman bit her Emirati husband's ear when he said he couldn't afford Dh5,000 a month to support her and their child, a Dubai court heard.

DUBAI // A woman wanted by police is facing a charge over attacking her husband and biting his ear outside the office of a Dubai court marriage counsellor.

The Kenyan woman, NM, 28, attacked her 24-year-old Emirati husband from behind, scratching his neck, arms and left ear, the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours was told.

She had demanded Dh5,000-a-month for her and the couple's nine-month-old baby at the counselling session but was angered when her husband, a Dubai Islamic Bank employee, said he couldn't afford the payments due to financial problems.

SK's 62-year-old mother, HH, who was with the couple at the time of the incident on August 7, stated that there were many witnesses to the assault incident as well as surveillance cameras.

"My son and I headed back to the counsellor, who advised us to file a police report against her," said the mother.

After being reported to police, the Kenyan woman was arrested at International City and was found to be wanted for issuing a cheque worth Dh161,000 that bounced.

She denied her husband's version of events and said that, when they left the office, she told him that if he wanted to send her to prison, that means also sending his daughter to prison.

"He replied, 'go to hell'," said the wife, adding that he stretched his hand to slap her but she stopped him and defended herself by slapping him.

"I did not assault him, my hand merely touched his face," NM told prosecutors.

She was not present to enter a plea. The next hearing will be on November 13 to summon her.