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Wife seeking divorce found love note from husband's Filipina girlfriend, Dubai Sharia Court hears

Wife from Lebanon is seeking Dh240,00 plus monthly expenses of more than Dh16,000 as part of divorce settlement, Dubai court hears.

DUBAI // A wife who found a love note from her husband's Filipina girlfriend is seeking a divorce settlement of more than Dh16,000 in monthly expenses and a backpayment of Dh240,000.

KK, from Lebanon, discovered the love note on March 28 this year while going through the emails of her husband TZ, from Greece. He had become distracted and left his computer on and the romantic email open.

When the wife discovered the email she checked for other messages and found several from the girlfriend which she said included "very intimate phrases".

She confronted her husband but he responded by saying nothing and leaving the house. He went to live alone in another apartment.

The couple have been married since August 2004 and have two children together.

The woman told the Dubai Sharia Court that since her husband left he had stopped providing for her and their two daughters, who are 6 and 3.

As part of her divorce settlement the woman is demanding monthly payments of: Dh7,500 alimony; Dh7,500 to cover her two daughters' expenses; Dh1,500 to cover a maid; and for the husband to cover her rent. She is also asking him to pay all school expenses for his eldest daughter.

In addition she is asking for him to repay her Dh200,000 which she paid to rent their house and Dh40,000 which she spent on her daughter's schooling last year.

A verdict is expected soon.