x Abu Dhabi, UAE Friday 21 July 2017

Waiters threatened to scandalise boss with drunken recording, Dubai court told

The pair threatened to hand over a recording of their boss inviting a woman to a hotel room to his fiancee.

DUBAI // Two waiters threatened to tell their boss's fiancee about a recording of him drunkenly arranging to meet a woman at a hotel room, a court heard on Tuesday.

Moroccan MY, 22, and 35-year-old Egyptian AE denied charges of issuing threats and invading the privacy of their sponsor, KA, a 43-year-old Egyptian businessman.

Prosecutors said that the boss had filed absconding workers reports against the two waiters after which the pair started threatening him.

AE called his boss in February and threatened to scandalise him in front of his fiancee and the Egyptian community in the UAE since he was a well-known figure.

The boss was told that there was a voice recording of him contacting a woman to meet with him at a Fairmont Hotel room and that it would be given to his fiancee if he did not drop the absconding reports against the defendants.

"This is not true, the reports were dropped more than 10 days before this case was filed," said the waiters at the Dubai Criminal Court.

The boss had told prosecutors that he met the pair near Burj Khalifa Metro Station, where they again threatened him before giving the recording to the businessman's fiancee, causing a fight between the two.

A verdict is expected on April 21.