x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

'Vampire' driver jailed for kissing schoolgirl

A school driver who kissed a girl on her neck, cheeks and thighs during a game of 'vampires' has been jailed for six months.

DUBAI // A driver who kissed a six-year-old girl on her neck, cheek and thighs during a game of 'vampires' was today sentenced to six months in prison.

The British schoolgirl told prosecutors that DT, a 21-year-old from Sri Lanka, had suggested the game when she asked him to play with her after her mother dropped her off at her father's house last July. The driver was a friend of the maid at the house.

When her mother, a 27-year-old saleswoman, came to pick the girl up later that day she noticed marks on her neck. The girl told her mother about the game.

The mother then took her daughter to a paediatric clinic where a doctor said the marks were made by kissing and biting. She then told her husband and informed police.

The driver, who denied a charge of molestation at the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance, will be deported after serving his sentence.