x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

UAE tourist cleared of murder, fined for driving under influence of drug

A Saudi Arabian tourist has been fined Dh8,000 for driving under the influence of marijuana.

ABU DHABI // A tourist from Saudi Arabia was today cleared of killing his cousin but fined Dh8,000 for driving under the influence of marijuana.

M?A crashed into a roundabout at 140kph after driving to Sweihan from Saudi. His car flipped and his cousin was thrown from the vehicle, dying from his injuries.

The tourist was charged with murdering his cousin, but the Criminal Court ruled the crash was an accident.

It also ruled that he could not be prosecuted for using marijuana, as he had taken the drug while still in Saudi Arabia.

But presiding Judge Idrees bin Mansour ruled he could be charged with driving under the influence of the drug and convicted him.

The court also found him guilty of speeding and breaking the country's traffic rules.

At an earlier hearing the man claimed that he had given a lift to a friend, who was smoking marijuana, inside Saudi Arabia. He claimed he became high from the secondary smoke.

The driver's uncle, the father of the dead man, had waived his right to blood money.