x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

UAE male shopper jailed for 'imitating women'

Police officers found make-up and women's accessories on the Filipino man.

ABU DHABI // A Filipino man caught wearing women's clothes will spend two months in prison, followed by deportation, the appeals court ruled today.

Salesmen were harassing MA while he was shopping as he was carrying a woman's purse and wearing feminine colours and clothes.

One shopper spotted the Filipino and complained to police about his inappropriate look.

When police arrived and searched MA, officers found make-up and women's accessories, so he was arrested and charged with "imitating women".

When MA was asked by the appeals judge about the charge he said he had his wife's purse in his possession and that it wasn't his intention to appear like a woman.

"Do you wear her abaya, too?" joked the judge.

The court upheld the verdict meted out by the Court of First Instance.