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UAE legal Q&As: what do I do if I suspect my neighbours are abusing their pet?

A reader asks what the punishment is for abusing a pet, another asks if a criminal can be extradited to the UAE and a third asks if a deportation ban to the Emirates can be lifted

A federal law issued in 2016 set jail terms and heavy fines for people convicted of animal abuse. Jaime Puebla / The National
A federal law issued in 2016 set jail terms and heavy fines for people convicted of animal abuse. Jaime Puebla / The National

If I suspect that my neighbours are abusing their pet dog, can I report them to police? What would the procedure be and the maximum punishment?

Citizens and residents are encouraged to report crimes and the abuse or torture of an animal is a crime according to UAE law. Therefore reporting the incident or the animal abuse to the police is a social obligation on each subject who lives in the UAE, even if the abuser is a neighbour.

As for punishment, Article 432 of the UAE Federal Penal Law, states that torturing pets is punishable by a fine of not more than Dh1,000.

If I fled the country after committing a crime, could I be extradited to the UAE?

Extradition is determined by international treaties or conventions between two governments and it is protected by procedures that guarantee the legality of the extradition request and its validity.

Therefore the extradition of a criminal from one country to another (the UAE in this case) depends upon whether there is an agreement between the UAE government and the country where the criminal has fled. If there is an agreement between both countries, then the UAE government can file a claim for extradition against the defendant to be tried in the Emirates.

My husband was jailed for six months in Dubai in 2005 and deported to Pakistan in 2006 on drug use charges. Can you please advise if a deportation ban has ever been lifted in the case of a drug conviction? I would like to know the probability of him being able to visit UAE again.

The penalty of deportation is enacted in the Federal Penal Law as a complimentary punishment to the main conviction in the criminal verdict. It is applied on certain crimes that are listed in the law.

No procedure has been set out in the Federal Penal Law to allow a deported convict to file a grievance against their punishment. This means he would not be able to return to the UAE.

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