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Two years in jail for pair who beat man and left him for dead, tied up in car

Pakistanis kidnapped Emirati, beat him with a metal bar then tied him to the driver’s seat of a car and took off

Two men have been jailed for two years for kidnapping a man, assaulting him with a metal bar then tying him to a car’s driver seat and leaving him for dead.

The Pakistanis, aged 38 and 32, abducted the man from near his car in the early hours of March 15 then hit him all over his body before taking him away in a Honda Civic.

They tied the man’s hands, gagged him, covered his face using duct tape then taped him to the driver’s seat and told him they would kill him.

The 33-year-old Emirati victim said he was attacked as he headed to his car.

“It was nearly 4am when it happened, it was dark and I didn’t see who was assaulting me or with what but I was hit on my leg with what I think was a sword,” he said.

He fell to the ground then saw his attackers’ faces.

“I was shocked because we are related,” he said.

The bleeding victim was then shoved into the car booth. After driving for a while, he was moved to the back seat of the car before the two men took him to a remote area in Al Rashidiya.

“The put me in the driver’s seat then fixed me to it using duct tape. They told me they wanted to kill me, throw my body in the desert then surrender to police,” the victim said.

The pair then drove to a different location and left the Emirati, driving off in a different vehicle.

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The victim used his head to bang on the window in an attempt to draw the attention of an Emirati who was jogging past.

“I had seen the car passing me by, then saw it park as I passed it. I heard noises coming from inside. There were a number of Pakistani men standing nearby so I called them to come and help and, when we opened the car’s door, we found the man bleeding,” said the 51-year-old Emirati, who called police.

The victim was referred to hospital, where he was found to be suffering from fractures in the leg, face and nose, in additional to other wounds in the head and body.

Police arrested both men as they were trying to flee the country from Dubai International Airport.

“One was flying to the UK, while the other was heading to Pakistan,” said a policeman, 37, adding that when he questioned the men, they admitted the attack and said it was to do with a family dispute.

Both men denied charges of kidnap and assault in court but were convicted and sentenced to two years in jail each, to be followed by deportation.

Updated: October 23, 2017 02:41 PM