x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Two sentenced to life for heroin smuggling

A Pakistani and a Nigerian have been found guilty in Dubai after a police sting involving two kilograms of smuggled heroin.

DUBAI // Two men were sentenced to life in prison yesterday after being convicted of smuggling two kilograms of heroin into the UAE with intent to sell. The Pakistani defendant MM, 22 was arrested at Dubai International Airport last June and was found to be in possession of the drugs.  He told investigators that he was paid 70,000 Pakistan rupees (Dh3,050) to carry the drugs into the UAE and hand them over to the Nigerian BL, 42, at the Marco Polo Hotel in the Deira district of Dubai. 

Anti-narcotics officials set up a sting operation and handed BL the drugs. He was arrested at the hotel and detained. Life sentences generally run for 25 years in the UAE. A judge can shorten the term based on circumstances such as an inmate's health. amustafa@thenational.ae