x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 20 January 2018

Two confess to passport, visa fraud

One woman provided her documents for a friend, who had been deported, to return to the UAE.


DUBAI // A maid confessed to using her passport and visa to help a compatriot return to the UAE after being deported, a Dubai court heard this morning.

The female defendant, SJ, 40, was charged with enabling RS, 28, to re-enter the country, records said.

RS, who had been deported on ethics charges, used SJ's passport and a forged visa when she came back into the country, prosecutors say. She is also charged with failing to obtain approval from the Ministry of Interior to re-enter UAE.

Both women, from Ethiopia, confessed before the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance.

An employee from the Dubai International Airport said in court records that when RS presented the passport and visa in Dubai in December, he noticed a difference between her and her photo in the passport, but when her irises were scanned and she was found to have no criminal records, he finalised her entry papers and let her go.

A few seconds later, he noticed she was met by a woman who looked very similar to the one in the passport photo, he testified.

He alerted security and both women were arrested.

A verdict is expected on March 28.