x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

Two charged with attempted murder after mass brawl in Dubai

A string of insults between two high school students led to the the stabbing of two people, including a policeman.

DUBAI // A string of insults between two high school students led to the the stabbing of two people, including a policeman, in a 25-man brawl in Rashidiya. The fight in November 2008 was sparked by one student allegedly insulting the sisters of another, which then led to the involvement of the insulted person's family and friends. Knives, wrenches and tear gas was used in the brawl, resulting in the stabbing of a policeman and a student. Two of the assailants were charged at the Dubai Court of First Instance today with attempted murder while another two were charged with assault. All the accused are students; the three Emiratis A M, 18, A K, 22, N M, 18, and an Omani H H, 24, denied the charges. A K and H H were both charged with attempted murder after A K allegedly stabbed policeman Marwan al Sumaiti close to the heart, almost killing him. H H allegedly stabbed the policeman's nephew Amer al Sumaiti in the chest and face. A M and M M were charged with assault and with being members of an armed gang. Prosecutors' records show that the two victims went to a neighbour's house after being informed of a dispute. The neighbour was approached by N M and two other people in front of the neighbour's house, claiming they wanted to beat up his younger brother after he insulted their sisters. The men were told to leave, only for 25 men to appear soon after. Marwan was stabbed in the chest by A K and was then hit on the head by a wrench belonging to another gang member. Amer was stabbed in the chest and then stabbed in the face by H H before being kicked and punched by the members. Records also state that the assailants sprayed the victims with tear gas before escaping the scene. Once alerted, paramedics battled to save the lives of the men. On his arrest, a knife was found in A K's possession. One of the gang members, who was not charged, informed police about the assailants and testified to prosecutors. If found guilty the defendants face a minimum of three years and a maximum of 15 years in prison. The court adjourned the hearing to March 18.