Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 4 April 2020

Two brothers sentenced to life for hammer murder

Dubai Criminal Court heard how the siblings lured the victim to the UAE from Pakistan

Two brothers have been sentenced to life in prison for bludgeoning their nephew to death with a hammer.

Dubai Criminal Court heard how the siblings acted after discovering the victim, who was in his 30s, was having an affair with one of their wives.

The brothers, aged 42 and 49, initially lured the man to the UAE from Pakistan on the promise of securing him a new job in the country.

Once in the Emirates, they invited him for a meal before driving him to a remote spot and killing him.

“After dinner, the two men suggested they drive the victim home but instead took him to a remote desert area in Jebel Ali,” a police lieutenant told the court.

“They stepped out of the car, then [the younger defendant] restrained the victim while the other defendant asked if he had had sex with his wife.

“When the victim admitted to the affair, his eldest uncle hit him on the head with a hammer twice then wrapped a rope around his neck and strangled him.

“They put the victim’s body in a plastic bag and buried him.”

Dubai Criminal Court heard how the brutal murder happened on February 3 last year.

The body of the nephew was found more than four months later on June 21. Forensic tests revealing he had died from internal bleeding caused by several head fractures.

On Tuesday, both men were sentenced to life in prison to be followed by deportation. The sentence remains subject to appeal.

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