x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 24 January 2018

Two accused of raping male student, 17

Student says he was forced to drink alcohol until he passed out during which time he was raped.

DUBAI // Two men have been accused of kidnapping and raping a 17-year-old boy.

The student said he was forced to drink alcohol until he passed out during which time he was raped. Still naked, he eventually escaped.

HK, a 23-year-old stateless man, and AA, 19, a Yemeni, are alleged to have been part of a group that attacked the boy as he walked home from a friend's house in Al Qusais in October last year.

They pushed him into the boot of a Honda Civic and took him to AA's house. The boy, a Yemeni, said he was taken to a bedroom on the second floor and forced to drink alcohol. He blacked out for about three hours and was naked when he awoke. He told prosecutors that HK and AA raped him, assisted by HK's brother.

Afterwards he was carried to a bathroom, where he washed his face until he regained his balance. He then ran home, still naked.

A policeman, 23, testified that HK confessed after being confronted with video footage on his mobile phone showing the alleged assault.

The officer said that HK claimed he had been drunk at the time.

The 24-second video showed the naked student being punched in the chest and slapped on the face.

His assailant was not shown as he was apparently holding the camera, records show. A forensics report confirmed that bruising and drag marks on the student's body were consistent with his allegations.

At Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance, HK and AA were charged with coercion in sexual intercourse, physical assault and consuming alcohol.

AA denies the charges. HK failed to appear to enter a plea. The next hearing, to which HK will be summoned, is scheduled for May 10.

Under Article 354 of the federal penal code, anyone convicted of coercion in sexual intercourse is sentenced to death.