x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 24 January 2018

Tramadol dealer given life says police did not check allegations

Man accused of smuggling Tramadol into the UAE says CID didn't bother to investigate his case before sending him to court.

ABU DHABI // A man sentenced to life in prison for smuggling Tramadol into the country told the Appeals Court today that police had accepted as true the allegations against him without even investigating.

A?A, who was one of seven Egyptians found guilty by the Criminal Court, said the only evidence against him was the testimony of a worker who claimed to have bought the drug from him.

“If an evil-liver comes to you with news then you should check it,” he told the court in a theatrical voice. “I’ve been living here for 26 years working for the sheikh and I never had a complaint against me.”

He said police accepted the worker’s allegations as true without investigating them. “They said I live in Sharjah, which is wrong. If they investigated they would have known I have government housing in Abu Dhabi.”

Two of his co-defendants said they had never seen him before, which he said proved he was unconnected to the case.

He also complained about medical treatment in prison.

“I ask to be cleared, I am dying in prison. I’m a diabetic and they only give me medicine [once a day]. I told them it should be given in stages but they don’t listen,” he added.

The case was adjourned.