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Traffic policeman 'demanded sex to cancel fine'

Traffic policeman offered to cancel fine against female motorist in return for sex, hears court.

DUBAI // A traffic policeman offered to cancel the fine against a female motorist in return for sex, a court heard today.

The Dubai Criminal Court heard that EM, a 40-year-old Filipina manager of a private company, hit another vehicle as she was reversing from her parking spot at the Pakistani Academy in Oud Metha on March 9.

When a police car arrived, MK, a 30-year-old Omani, and another officer stepped out. They examined the damage and issued the woman with a fine.

"I asked [MK] what the fine was and he said between Dh1,000-5,000 and 10 black points," said the woman.

She said that when she expressed her surprise that the fine was so heavy for such a minor accident he offered to cancel the fine if she had sex with him in the back seat of his car.

"He started telling me, are you Filipino, Filipino beautiful," said the woman.

The officer then gave her his mobile number so she could contact him to inquire about the fine. When she called him the next day, he asked to see her but it was late and she declined. In another call she protested to him that she was a married woman living with her husband and children and that he was a married man.

"You seem to be a good man, why do you do this," she asked.

She then informed the police who provided her with a wire and asked her to arrange a meeting with the officer. When they met, he took her to a car park behind BurJuman mall, turned off his engine then covered his front window and took off his shorts.

"Give me a kiss and sleep with me," he is alleged to have told the woman.

Police then opened the car door and arrested him.

The case was adjourned to June 14.