x Abu Dhabi, UAE Friday 21 July 2017

Tourists 'bought Dh180,000 jewellery on fake credit card'

Two tourists deny buying goods worth Dh180,000 on a credit card that did not belong to them.

DUBAI // Two tourists bought Dh180,000 worth of goods on a credit card they obtained with a forged passport, a court heard today.

HS, a jewellery shop salesman, told the Dubai Criminal Court that on February 6 the British tourist AA arrived in his shop with two watches he wanted to sell. The tourist told the salesman the watches had been given to him as a gift from a friend.

"He first refused to sell them for Dh14,850 saying they were worth more, but he returned later," said the salesman. He became suspicious that the watches had been obtained illegally and called the police, who arrested the tourist at the shop.

A salesman at another shop testified that the tourist purchased the watches from him and used a credit card to buy them.

"He showed me a passport copy which later was found to be forged as it was carrying a different name than that of the buyer," said the second salesman.

Prosecutors claim that the tourist and his compatriot MA, 22, had forged a passport to obtain the credit card with which they bought two Rolex watches worth Dh140,000 and other jewellery worth 40,000.

AA, 33, told the court he had the passport in his possession, but that he had not forged it or used it to buy anything. He admitted purchasing the items, but denied embezzlement.

MA, 22, said he had nothing to do with the purchases. "I have been a scapegoat your honour, I never touched or forged anything," he said.

The next hearing will be on June 4.