x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

Torture dad accused of killing daughter claims police lied under oath

Dubai father accused of torturing and killing his 8-year-old daughter and then burying her body in the desert accuses police witnesses of lying to the court.

DUBAI // A father accused of torturing and killing his eight-year-old daughter claimed yesterday that police investigators trashed his home and then blamed him.

“They took the oath that by the name of God they will say the truth – why are they telling lies?” Emirati H?S, 29, asked the Criminal Court.

During a previous hearing, police officers told the court that the studio apartment in which he was living with his girlfriend A?M, 27, and his two daughters Wadeema, 8, and Mira, 7, was unfit for human habitation.

But the father said that the International City flat had been ransacked by investigating officers who then complained about the mess they had actually made.

“They said they came once to the flat, but they came before that and they took the clothes out and created the mess,” said the father.

His girlfriend then tried to address members of the press attending the court hearing, before being stopped by a policewoman.

Her exact remarks were unclear but appeared to be related to press stories published about her and Wadeema’s father.

At a hearing in November the father leapt from the court’s dock and tried to attack a policeman testifying that the lovers would lock the two girls in the bathroom while they had sex.

After the father was subdued, the girlfriend cursed the policeman before screaming: “I did it all, give me the death penalty.”

Both the father and his girlfriend are charged with imprisoning and torturing the two daughters as well as killing Wadeema, hiding her body and burying her in the desert in Sharjah.

They are accused of burning the girls with irons and cigarettes and are said to have poured boiling water on them, beating them with electrical wires and bars and using  a stun gun on them. The younger daughter, Mira, survived.

The father has denied all charges except for hiding his daughter’s body – the girlfriend has confessed to all the charges.

The next hearing was scheduled for January 20 to listen to the testimony of two men summoned by the father.