x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 21 July 2017

Three get a year in jail for extortion and kidnapping

The men attempted to extort a Dh10,000 ransom from a restaurant worker who earns Dh600 a month.

DUBAI // Three men have been jailed for a year for attempting to extort a Dh10,000 ransom from a man who earns Dh600 a month. Two Bangladeshis - BS, 24 and RR, 23 - and a Pakistani, OZ, 36 - were convicted of kidnapping, assault, illegal confinement and extortion by the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance. They kidnapped the Bangladeshi restaurant worker, identified as SH, on Christmas Day last year from the central bus station in Al Ghubaiba as he arrived to meet his brother, RA.

The victim's brother told prosecutors he was then contacted by one of the defendants and given two days to come up with the money. "I pleaded with them, telling them that I earn only Dh600, how can I pay them Dh10,000," he said. He then informed police, who instructed him to agree to the payment and set up a meeting. BS was arrested after he arrived at Al Ghubaiba station to pick up the ransom. Investigators discovered the location of the kidnappers' hideout after interrogating BS. the victim was found naked and bound when officers arrived. RR and OZ were apprehended at the scene.