x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Three deny stealing sports car, saying they own it

Three men who are accused of stealing a car told a judge that they have papers proving they actually bought it.

DUBAI // Three men have denied stealing a sports car from a showroom, claiming they bought it from a rental company.

The trio, all from Oman, allegedly took a Nissan Z coupe and a Lexus from a dealership in Hatta.

The men, two of them brothers, are accused of breaking into the showroom during the night and taking the cars, along with several car keys. The Lexus was left on the road after it broke down.

The brothers ASA, 22, and MA, 25, along with AA, 24, denied a theft charge at Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance.

Police traced AA, who is unemployed and lives in Oman, who was persuaded via a source to return to the UAE. He was arrested as he entered the country.

He said he had been in the company of the brothers, who were on their way to Sharjah, when ASA asked him to take them to the showroom to steal the cars, according to court records.

He then left but was called back by the other two after the Lexus broke down. AA allegedly smuggled the Nissan Z through the Hatta-Oman border.

The three men told the court last week they bought the car from a rental company and provided a sales contract that they claimed was for the "stolen" car.

The suspects asked Presiding Judge Hamad Abdul Al Jawad to acquit them.

A verdict is expected on June 11.