x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

Three charged in murder plot

Prosecutors say the men lured an acquaintance into an ambush and beat him to death before robbing him.

DUBAI // Three men plotted against an acquaintance, lured him to an abandoned area and beat him to death with an iron bar and concrete block, a court was told this morning.

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance was told that the Bangladeshis MG, 27; and RA and, RN, both 21, worked with the victim, RAA, and lived in the same accommodations.

On June 16, the three men called RAA and persuaded him to meet them in an abandoned area on Al Manama Road, prosecutors say. When he arrived, prosecutors say, RA bashed him on the head with the block, knocking him down.

The others then joined in, hitting RAA repeatedly with an iron bar, cracking his skull and damaging his brain, records show.

After he was dead, they took his mobile phone, his wallet and a pack of cigarettes before leaving his corpse in the sand, prosecutors say.

Police found the body a few days later with the murder weapons next to it and began an investigation. According to a forensics report, RAA suffered severe injuries to his head, neck, back and chest.

ES, police captain said that when MG was arrested, he said he had met RAA by coincidence while he was with the other two men. He said an argument erupted between RA and RAA.

"It was a fight and we did not mean to kill him," the three men told the court.

SA, 23, RAA's brother, told prosecutors his brother had loaned MG Dh3,500 about two months before he was killed, and MG refused to return it, which led to a disagreement.

"On the day of the incident, MG returned to the accommodations and my brother didn't, and when I asked him he denied seeing him, but he seemed very tense," SA said.

Prosecutors said the men confessed to plotting the murder during investigations.

The next hearing will be on October 23.