x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Three accused of smuggling over 2,000 pills into UAE cleared in court

Three men accused of bringing 2,370 psychotropic pills into the country are cleared by the Appeals Court.

ABU DHABI // Three men accused of bringing 2,370 psychothropic pills into the country have been cleared by the Appeals Court.

MM and RR, from Egypt, and HB, an Emirati, were accused of intending to sell and consume the drugs while in the UAE.

The Criminal Court sentenced MM to seven years in prison and fined him Dh50,000. It fined HB Dh3,000 and acquitted RR.

MM and prosecutors appealed the verdict but were unsuccessful on their first attempt.

The Cassation Court asked the Appeals Court to look into the case for a second time. The second appeal hearing found there was no proof that MM knew the pills contained the illegal substance and it cleared all the men.