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Teacher 'assaulted ex-husband in front of police'

The woman called him a dog and an animal, and hit him in front of police, court hears.

DUBAI // An American woman called her ex-husband 180 times in the space of five days to scream abuse at him after threatening to ruin his life because he refused to provide her with a house, a court has heard.

MH, a 35-year-old teacher, turned up at SA's house, and each time when he called the police, she physically attacked him in front of them, according to evidence presented at the Dubai Misdemeanours Court.

She had left SA, a 38-year-old stateless estate agency manager, two years previously. She claims that while they were together he used six blank cheques she had signed and then lodged complaints against her. "I was acquitted in two such cases so far," said.

He had continued to cause problems since their divorce, she said. "He also used my email password to log into my email and slander me," she claimed.

According to SA, the problems started after MH asked him to give her Dh30,000 and provide her with a residence for her and their three children. If he did not, she threatened to ruin his life and his work.

He told prosecutors that between November 1 and 5 of last year, MH called SA 180 times and subjected him to a torrent of abuse. "She called me from her mobile and told me I was a dog, and an animal," he said.

She then went to his residence in Al Barsha, where she screamed at him again and assaulted him.

She assaulted him again in front of the police, who took her to the police station. He agreed to drop the charges against her, in return for an undertaking not to repeat her behaviour.

But three days later, she did exactly that, according to SA, this time calling around 60 times.

MH disputes her ex-husband's version of events. "There are no records to prove his allegations," she told the court, adding that she is a respectable teacher at a reputable school and would not behave in a manner contrary to what she teaches her students.

She denies causing intentional disturbance by mobile phone and issuing insults. A verdict will be issued next month.