x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 24 January 2018

Suspicious husband charged with assaulting wife and two other women

A man who followed his wife to a villa after becoming suspicious of her behaviour was charged with assaulting his wife and two other women.

DUBAI // A UAE Armed Forces soldier who followed his wife to a villa after he became suspicious of her behaviour was in court today, charged with assaulting her and two other women with a plastic stick.

AB, 30, an Emirati, lost his temper when he saw his wife half-naked at a woman's villa in Mirdiff, the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours heard today. He assaulted his wife, the villa's owner and another woman who was there, the court heard.

AB was also charged with trespassing. When he appeared in court, he confessed to entering the villa and assaulting a Moroccan woman but denied assaulting his wife.

According to his testimony in prosecution records, AB said he had been married to his Emirati wife, NE, 29, for ten years and that the couple had three daughters together. But, he said, her behaviour had changed recently.

He said she had started earning money from unknown sources after his financial condition had worsened.

"In August 2011, she left the house after I prevented her from travelling," he said, adding that a friend of his wife's called him and said that his wife worked in prostitution.

AB further testified that his wife had started driving a Chevrolet four-wheel-drive, and had claimed that she received it as a gift.

AB started following his wife around and saw her leaving her father's house in Sharjah on November 22 last year, heading to a villa in Mirdiff.

"I saw a Porsche in front of the villa where my wife went and saw two women leaving with the driver," he said, adding that he called police on the spot, but when officers arrived, he asked them to remain away until he got his wife outside the villa.

A Moroccan woman opened the door for him and told him his wife was upstairs.

"I walked in as police watched and found my wife half-naked," he said, adding that he assaulted his wife with a small, plastic stick.

"She ran away and two women attacked me," he said, explaining that he was defending himself against the other two women, but had not initiated the assault as per the charges sheet.

His wife denied his allegations and said she met with AE, 35, the Emirati who owned the villa, a day before the incident at a school in Sharjah, and they had a chat about AE's "beautiful" abaya.

"I went to her house to check on the designs of her abayas to have some designed the same for me," NE said in court records.

AE told prosecutors that the defendant forced open the villa door after she tried to prevent him from entering and assaulted his wife with the stick. When she tried to break them apart to help his wife take shelter in one of the rooms, he also assaulted AE with the stick on her shoulder and leg.

The wife said in court records that she was trying on some of the abayas when her husband suddenly arrived and beat her up.

The next hearing will be on March 26.