x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Suspect confesses to theft, says four others innocent

The five men are accused of taking more than Dh50,000 in goods from an electronics store.

DUBAI // Four Algerian men this morning denied stealing electronic devices from the Micro Computer shop in Al Qusais, while a fifth suspect confessed, saying the others were innocent.

The suspects, all from Algeria, appeared before the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance, where they were charged with breaking into and entering the shop early on September 8, 2010, stealing devices worth more than Dh50,000.

Workers at the shop reported the crime the next morning when they found the door lock broken and the shelves empty, records stated.

The suspect YB, a 22-year-old unemployed man, told the court he stole the items, which included 58 watches, 29 mobile phones, eight laptops, Etisalat Dh50 cards and Dh3,245 in cash. He said he stole them because he was going through tough financial conditions, and added that the other suspects were not involved.

But according to records, ZL, 27, a visitor, planned the theft and chose the shop. He went to the shop at dawn accompanied by YB, MB, 29 and a suspect who was not identified in records and remains at large, records show.

The suspects bought a screwdriver and a bolt cutter, prosecutors say and used the tools to break in at at 4am.

Prosecutors said they threw away the tools in a garbage bin and later sold some of the stolen items, sharing the money. They allegedly kept the rest of the stolen goods in an apartment in Sharjah, in which the suspects TM, 28, and SB, 24, were living.

TM and SB were accused of knowing about the theft and failing to report it to authorities, as well as possessing stolen items.

SB, a sales representative, told the court he had arrived to visit his friends 10 minutes before police stormed in and arrested all of them.

The next hearing was scheduled for February 23 to allow the suspects to appoint a lawyer.