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Surrounded by police, Emirati threatened to blow himself up, hears court

A man stood with a leaking gas cylinder in one hand and a lighter in the other threatening to blow the place up is any police officer tried to come near him, hears court.

DUBAI // A man stood with a leaking gas cylinder in one hand and a lighter in the other as he warned police officers to come no closer, a court heard today.

The officers arrived at the house of TA, an unemployed 47-year-old Emirati, at about 7.30am on May 5 after a Filipino flagged down their patrol car and told them the man had tried to rape him at a house in Bur Dubai. The Filipino told them the man lured him to the house by pretending to be a police officer.

When the patrol car arrived at the house the man was stood outside carrying a gas cylinder.

"He opened the cylinder then held a lighter in the other hand and threatened to blow up the place if any police officer came near him," said 21-year-old policeman MA.

"He kept on threatening to blow up the cylinder and saying that he was under the influence of drugs," he added.

The policeman said that the man also told them he had Hepatitis and was HIV positive, so they tried to calm him down from a distance.

The man eventually put down the gas cylinder and left, but he was found unconscious shortly after in a nearby restaurant.

Prison guards said the man refused to appear before the criminal court today, so the case was adjourned to October 3 to summon him.