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Suitor convicted of burning woman's house

Prosecutors say he torched her family's home after a rejected marriage proposal.


DUBAI // A 19-year-old Emirati man was jailed for a year yesterday for setting fire to his girlfriend’s family home after her parents refused him permission to marry her.

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance Prosecutors heard that the rejected suitor, A?K, threw an improvised firebomb into the family’s kitchen. He denied the charge of arson when he appeared in court last September.

Prosecutors said A?K had proposed marriage to the woman, who was not named. But her mother, K?B, 44, from India, turned him down.

K?B told prosecutors that A?K then threatened to burn her house down with her and her husband inside it.

On February 6, 2010, as K?B and her children were sleeping in their home in Al Beda district, she heard a crash in her kitchen.

She told prosecutors she gathered her children and went to see what had happened. “After we put out the fire ... I went outside and I saw A?K,” she said.

She told prosecutors that as A?K ran away, he told her, “You saw me burn your house down, marry your daughter to me.”

Forensic investigations showed  that a flaming gas canister had been thrown through the kitchen fan vent.

Prosecutors also told the court A?K had a criminal record and had refused to co-operate with investigators.