x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 24 January 2018

Students fractured the skull of relative's boyfriend, Dubai court hears

One of the students has denied the assault while the other has confessed.

DUBAI // Two students broke the skull of a boy who was dating one of their relatives, the Criminal Court heard yesterday.

Prosecutors said the two Sudanese men A?A and A?H, both 20, approached A?M, 17, when he was sitting with his girlfriend at a restaurant at Festival City.

The teenager, also from Sudan, said one of the men told him he was the girlfriend’s uncle and asked him to go to the car park to “have words”.

In the car park the teenager saw seven other men, he said, and one of them beat him until he fell.

Another man joined in the attack and the teenager lost consciousness, the court heard.

Security guards rescued him and he was taken to Rashid Hospital. A medical report said the injury would leave permanent damage.

The teenager’s girlfriend said one of the men who assaulted him was her half brother.

A?A denied assault and A?H admitted attacking the boyfriend but denied breaking his skull.

“I did hit him with my hands but he covered his head with his hands and there was no way that my hitting caused him the disability,” A?H told prosecutors.

The next hearing was scheduled for November 14.