x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Stalker claimed to have indecent photos of woman, court told

He followed her for days, prosecutors said, and sought to start an affair.

DUBAI // An unemployed man stalked a married woman and tried to force her into an illicit affair by telling her he had inappropriate pictures of her, a court heard this morning.

MH, 29, from Iran, told NJ, 23, he would post pictures and movies of her with other men if she did not have an affair with him, records show.

He is charged with issuing threats and causing disturbance to a woman via telephone.

On June 7, NJ said she noticed a car following her as she and her children left her brother-in-law's apartment. While stopped at a traffic signal, she said the other car's driver waved at her to lower her window, but she ignored him.

"I got home and he was still following me," she told prosecutors.

The other driver, MH, again told her to lower her window. When she did, he asked her whether she was married, then asked her to become his mistress.

"He told me the names of my husband and children," NJ said.

He told her he had inappropriate images of her, then gave her his mobile number to call him to see them, records showed.

The next day, MH followed her to Al Mamzar park while she was with her friend SE and her children, she said.

"He was asking why I didn't call him, and said there were pictures of my friend SE as well," NJ testified.

MH stalked her for several more days before she agreed to meet with him and see the pictures and recordings, records show. They met at Al Mulla Plaza, and he had no photos or recordings with him.

NJ then informed her husband, who reported MH to police.

He denied the charges in court today and is expected to appear in court again on October 11.