x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 24 January 2018

Stabbing of ex-lover earns three-year sentence

Man attacked his former girlfriend with a kitchen knife at her office after she spurned him.


DUBAI // A man who tried to kill his ex-girlfriend by stabbing her 27 times after she refused to get back together with him will spend three years in prison, a Dubai court ruled this morning.

MS, 41, an Indian, who is married, told the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance in October 2010 that he was depressed because she had ignored all his calls.

He was sentenced to three years for premeditated attempted murder, premeditated causing a person permanent disability, and assaulting the safety of a person causing injuries.

He also received a one-month prison term for endangering the safety of others.

MS caused his victim MM, 23, a 10 per cent permanent disability, records said.

The victim, a Filipina receptionist at Insight Company in the Al Khubaisi area, said that on August 4, 2009, the MS came to talk to her. She said that she smelled alcohol on his breath, so she told him to return later because she was busy packing office materials as the company was shifting locations, records said.

He then stabbed her 20 times in the abdomen with a kitchen knife, and when she fell face-down on the ground, he stabbed her seven times in the back, records show.

According to records, when her co-workers tried to subdue him, two men, one in the arm, and the other in the stomach.

One of the injured, Ibrahim Kouti, 37, an assistant administrator, testified that he heard a cry for help and rushed outside, where he saw MS stabbing the victim.

The second victim, a driver, Bashir Mana, said he tried to control MS but was stabbed in the abdomen.

MS will be deported following his jail term.