x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 24 January 2018

Stab killer 'acted in self-defence', Dubai court told

A woman stood in the street with blood on her hands, yelling that she had killed a man.

DUBAI // A woman stabbed a man to death because he was trying to rape her, a court heard last week.

E?K, 28, from Uganda, attacked her compatriot and neighbour, S?K, only to protect herself, her lawyer Badreyya Al Ayoubi told the Criminal Court.

She asked that the charge of premediated murder be reduced to one of causing unintentional death in the line of self-defence.

The accused said the man had been chasing her around her flat so she “got scared and picked up a knife and stabbed him”.

A witness told police he saw the accused with blood on her hands, yelling: “I killed him, I killed him.”

Another witness, P?R, a 27-year-old Ugandan security guard, was meant to be meeting the man at a nearby supermarket.

When he did not show, he went to his apartment building, where he saw the woman with blood on her hands. Another tenant told him the man had been stabbed.

D?A, an officer at Naif Police Station, said the accused walked in crying, shivering and repeating “I killed somebody”.

“She told me the man tried to have sex with her against her will,” he added.

A Dubai Police major said neighbours told him the woman had been screaming in the street with blood on her hands. He added that the murder weapon was found under the sofa. A verdict is expected on March 11.