x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

'Son pours petrol over his father'

An Emirati man confessed to setting fire to a room in his father's home, but denied trying to endanger his life.

DUBAI // A man doused his father with petrol and threatened to set him on fire after a family disagreement, a court heard yesterday. 

KA, 26, an Emirati, confessed to setting fire to one of the rooms in his father's house and to damaging his property. He denied charges of intentionally endangering his father's life and threatening to commit a crime. 

KA's father, AA, 56, told prosecutors at the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance that on the day of the incident he saw his son taking an air conditioning unit and a refrigerator from a bedroom in his house.

When he asked why, K A told him that he wanted to sell them. AA said that the articles did not belong to him. KA allegedly grabbed his father by the hand, took him to the kitchen and poured petrol on his head. He then called his wife and asked her to bring a lighter, prosecutors heard. 

KA's wife tried to calm him and AA ran into the street, where he saw some of KA's friends and told them what had happened. They drove him to a family member's house, he said.

The next day AA lodged a report in order for authorities to get a pledge from KA agreeing that he would not repeat such actions. When police called KA, he became upset and set the room with the air conditioning unit on fire. The case was adjourned until November 20.