x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 20 January 2018

Snowball fight at Ski Dubai escalates into assault court case

Two angry parents who assaulted a man they blamed for throwing a snowball at their daughter at Ski Dubai have been fined Dh2,000 each.

DUBAI // Two angry parents assaulted a man they blamed for throwing a snowball at their daughter at Ski Dubai, a court heard today.

The couple – wife N?A, 43, and husband N?H, 49, from Saudi Arabia – confronted the Omani S?H, 24, after their daughter came to them crying that the snowball had hit her in the eye.

When the Omani denied throwing the snowball, the wife called him “an animal and a dog”.

Her husband then punched him on the chest twice.

The Omani told prosecutors he did not reply to the couple’s insults and asked them to respect the law.

A ski instructor, A?M, said the Omani had been very polite when confronted by the couple.

“He told her she could take a look at the recordings of the surveillance cameras to make sure he did not hit her daughter, but she told him he was a liar and an animal,” said the instructor.

“Then her husband came and started screaming and saying the man was a liar before hitting him on his chest.”

The instructor said he had not seen a girl crying or complaining about being hit by a snowball.

After her arrest, the wife told police the Omani had spoken to her in a loud and disrespectful tone.

“He told me, ‘respect yourself, if you weren’t a woman I would have showed you what I can do’,” she said.

The wife denied assault and threatening behaviour at the Misdemeanours Court, while her husband denied assault, insulting the man and issuing threats. They were found guilty on all counts and each fined Dh2,000.