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Six months in jail for woman caught with lover by her husband

Woman caught by her husband in bed with another man is sentenced to six months in prison.

DUBAI // A married woman and her lover, who were caught in bed naked together when her husband returned from visiting his other wife, were each sentenced to six months in prison.

RN, 28, from Jordan, and her lover GT, 33, a hairdresser from Lebanon, were found guilty of incitement to sin rather than sex outside of marriage because, despite being found naked in bed together, there was no proof they had sexual intercourse, ruled the Misdemeanours Court.

Both claimed they had not had sex, dismissing the condom the husband found in the bedroom's rubbish bin after he found them at his Discovery Gardens flat on June 25 last year.

The husband has two wives, and was returning to the flat after spending the rest of the week with his other wife.

The hairdresser said the pair were about to have sex but that he changed his mind when he discovered she was menstruating and instead pleasured himself in the bathroom and threw the condom in the bin.

But the wife denied she intended to have sex. She claimed the pair were platonic friends who often met for coffee and held hands, but "not in a sexual way". She claimed the hairdresser had been sleeping at the flat because he wasn't feeling well and needed company. She said she didn't know why he was sleeping naked.

The husband became infuriated after discovering the pair together, hitting both of them before retrieving a knife from the kitchen and threatening to call the police.

The hairdresser begged him not to and the husband agreed on the condition the hairdresser would leave the country. He then took the hairdresser's ID card as a guarantee.

He let the hairdresser go, but when the hairdresser changed his mind about leaving the country he reported them to police. However, when the case made it to court, the husband asked for it to be dropped. "If this became public, my wife may face danger from her family and her sick mother may die," said the husband.

Both the wife and her lover, who were also found guilty of illegally consuming alcohol, will be deported after completing their prison terms.


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