x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Sex injury alerts authorities to illicit relationship

Injury woman sustains during love-making gives away illicit relationship.

Dubai // A couple were jailed today for illicit sex after their love-making efforts left one of them in hospital.

SK, a 32-year-old Indonesian cook, sustained injuries to her private parts while having consensual sex in the passenger's seat of her 32-year-old Pakistani boyfriend's car on a roadside in Al Hamriya.

The Dubai Misdemeanor Court heard that SA rushed his heavily bleeding girlfriend to hospital for treatment, but the injury alerted authorities to their affair. Court records described the wound as severe.

Hospital staff notified police and the couple were arrested. Both admitted the affair, with SA saying they had had intercourse several times in various locations and emirates.

Prosecutors charged both SK and SA of having consensual sex while SK was also charged with working for a sponsor other than her own. They were jailed for a month each on the sex charge. SK received a second month in prison on the second charge.

Both will be deported following the completion of their prison terms.