x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 23 July 2017

Sex case couple tell court they're married

A couple from the Philippines that claims they are married has been charged with consensual sex.

DUBAI // A couple accused of consensual sex told a court that they have been married since 2008.

However, prosecutors said the pair have been involved in an illegal sexual relationship since 2010, and had lived together for a period of time during which they repeatedly had sexual intercourse.

The Dubai Misdemeanour Court has charged MA, a 29-year-old manager from Egypt, and ML, a 33-year-old saleswoman from the Philippines, with consensual sex.

The couple denied the charges and told the judge that they were married in the Philippines and have a baby together, and that their marriage is registered at the Philippines Embassy in the UAE.

The couple were arrested after the man went to the Jebel Ali police station on May 15 and complained that ML was harassing him by calling him late at night and at his workplace, and also sending him text messages.

The couple had financial disputes, M L told the police.

According to court records, it was alleged that the couple met through Facebook in September 2010 and moved in together a short time later.

ML, who has been living in the UAE for four years, reportedly became pregnant and left for the Philippines in July last year to have her baby, who was born in September, because she could not have him in the UAE, she reportedly told prosecutors.

She came back and told MA that she had given birth to his baby.

MA decided to register the child in his name after ML showed him pictures proving that the baby resembled MA. "I saw the picture of the baby and he looked like me so I knew it was my baby," MA reportedly told prosecutors.

The woman has been released on bail. The case has been adjourned until June 14 for the couple to provide their marriage contract.