x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

Seven stole electric cables from two sites, court hears

In two separate cases, groups of men are accused of taking and selling building materials.

DUBAI // Seven men were charged this morning with stealing electric cables in two separate cases before the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance.
The first case involved three men from Pakistan, RA, 23, who is accused of theft, and GM, 22, and NA, 20, who were accused of possessing stolen items, records said. None of the suspects appeared in court this morning.
GM and NA were arrested on August 5, 2008, about 2am when a police patrol pulled over a Nissan pickup on Al Doha Road loaded with cables and steel, records show.
According to records, the officers stopped the vehicle and questioned the suspects about their cargo, which they said they had bought from RA, a security guard. He is accused of stealing the items from a construction site in Al Nahda 2 area.

After investigating the two men, police referred them, along with RA, to court.

In the second case, prosecutors accused three men of stealing electric cables worth Dh21,452 while the fourth suspect was accused of possessing stolen items.
Prosecutors said that on October 16, 2009, a Dubai civil engineering firm reported that 65 cables had been stolen from one of their projects.
Police investigated and discovered that ZA, 34, a worker, JA, 38, a driver, and MJ, 45, a cleaner, all employees of the firm, stole the cables and sold them to MA, 45, for Dh1,000, records show.
Prosecutors said police retrieved 42 of the cables from MA’s residence.
Both cases have hearings scheduled for March 8 to summon the suspects.