x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Sentence upheld for Dubai carpenter who murdered compatriot

Carpenter who beat his drunk compatriot to death has his seven-year jail sentence upheld by the Appeals Court.

DUBAI // A carpenter who beat a man to death for urinating on his clothes had his conviction for premeditated murder upheld by the Appeals Court today.

HA, 29, from Bangladesh, agreed to walk his friend MS home after finding him drunk at a bus stop in Jebel Ali on October 25, 2011. But during their journey the drunk man stopped and began urinating on the carpenter's clothes.

The carpenter retaliated by punching his friend to the ground, stealing his phone and wallet and leaving him to die.

The next morning police found the man's dead body partially buried and ordered tests by forensic experts. The experts found the cause of the man's death to be bleeding in the brain, but also found that had the man been sober he might have been able to survive the injury by seeking treatment.

The carpenter was sentenced to seven years on a murder charge and a further three months for robbery. Both sentences were upheld by the Appeals Court and he will be deported after serving the terms.