x Abu Dhabi, UAESaturday 20 January 2018

Self-confessed drug users request financial benefits

Three men caught at the Hatta border with tramadol pills and morphine in their car will be sentenced next Monday.

DUBAI // Three self-confessed drug users today asked the Dubai Criminal Court for swift sentencing so their families could benefit from social allowances granted to prisoners' families.

RK, 39, MJ, 38, and SK, 33, were stopped by customs officers shortly before midnight on March 28 as they tried to enter Oman at the Hatta border. The officers searched their car, which belonged to RK, and found the pills, morphine, unused hypodermic syringes and one used needle hidden in a can of Red Bull.

All three of the men, who are Emirati, pleaded guilty and asked the presiding Judge Hamad Abdul Al Jawad to issue a sentence quickly so that their families could start benefiting from the allowances granted to the families of Emirati prisoners.

"We are asking for forgiveness first from God and then from your esteemed self," MJ told the Judge. "We have families whom we support so we ask you to issue a verdict immediately so they can start receiving the allowances."

His fellow defendants made the same request. RK and MJ were charged with possession and use of drugs while SK was charged with using drugs.

The judge scheduled sentencing for Monday.