x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Security guard 'bribed' to release cars

Security guard allowed owners of seized vehicles to drive them away, court told.

DUBAI // A Dubai Municipality security guard at the car impound lot accepted a bribe in return for allowing a bus owner to take his seized vehicle, a court heard today.

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance was told that MF, 28, Egyptian, asked for a Dh6,000 bribe from his compatriot HE, 28, to allow HE to take his Toyota van.

HE was charged with offering a bribe. He denied the charge before Judge Al Saeed Al Barghout.

"It didn't happen, your honour," he told the judge.

AY, 30, Egyptian, was charged with aiding and abetting by mediating the bribe. He also denied the charge.

SS, a police officer testified that on March 9, they received information about MF taking bribes.

"An investigation team from Al Qusais police station was set to follow the case," SS said.

About 12.30am on March 10, HE was spotted entering the impound and leaving in the vehicle with its lights off. He was arrested on the spot and confessed, police said.

The next hearing will be on September 25.