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Schoolbus marshal cleared on molestation charges, says lawyer

Conductor plans to file a case against parents for psychological damage.

DUBAI // A Sharjah bus conductor who was accused of molesting a four-year-old girl on the way home from school has been found innocent in court, says a lawyer handling the case.

Mahmood Alawi, a spokesman for Mohammed Salman Advocates, said the case was heard in a Sharjah court yesterday and the bus conductor was absolved.

"The judge said he is innocent and did not find any evidence against him to prove he did anything wrong on the school bus," he said.

There is no way the 35-year-old conductor could have molested a girl without anyone seeing when the bus was full of students, he said. "No one knew that this thing happened in the bus. The conductor was sitting in the front seat and did not go to the back seat as alleged by the parents," said Mr Alawi.

The conductor now plans to file a counter case against the parents for reporting a false incident. "He was in jail for about two months and went through a lot of psychological pressure during the trial. We are planning to file a case against the parents."

Managers of the school said the incident was reported a few days before the start of the Christmas holiday last year.

The parents took the child to hospital for tests, then lodged a complaint with police, who arrested the conductor.

The school in question has more than 9,000 pupils and operates 75 buses staffed by 150 conductors.