x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 26 July 2017

Salesman 'stole Dh300,000 worth of sports wear'

A man denies stealing sports wear worth Dh300,000 from his workplace.

DUBAI // A salesman stole Dh300,000 worth of sports wear from the shop he worked at, a court heard today.

Prosecutors told the Dubai Criminal Court of First instance that MQ, a 27-year-old from Pakistan, stole 12,420 pieces of clothing which he then sold for Dh40,000. He denied the charge.

The salesman was arrested after the store supervisor, AJ, a 30-year-old Iranian, reported 120 boxes and five large bags of sports wear were missing.

The supervisor told prosecutors he was checking the stores on December 10 when he noticed the lock was broken and the merchandise missing.

"The lock to the back door was open when I checked," he said.

Police arrested the salesman who allegedly confessed during interrogations and said he sold the items to AB, a 46-year-old Indian investor, for Dh40,000. The investor failed to appear before the court to enter a plea.

GK, a 32-year-old Afghan driver, denied helping the salesman carry out the theft. Prosecutors claimed he had been paid Dh1,700 to help.