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Salesman accused of forcing kiss on cleaner

But he denies the allegations, and his lawyer says the victim was trying to blackmail him.


DUBAI // A 38-year-old salesman this morning denied sexually assaulting a female cleaner at the Dubai European Trade Centre.

“I did not assault her, it happened by mistake,” SK, from India, told Judge Fahmy Mounir Fahmy at the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance.

According to court records, SK held the Filipina victim from behind and tried to kiss her cheek while both were in a lift.
The victim, AS, 28, testified that the incident happened on October 18, 2010, when she was in the third floor of the Dubai Investment Park. As she got in a lift, SK suddenly appeared and jumped inside, records show.

“I pressed on number one, but he didn't press any floor number,” she told prosecutors, adding that they were alone in the lift.
When the doors closed, she told prosecutors, SK gave her his business card but she refused to take it.

SK then wrapped his arms around her from behind, she testified.

“I covered my face with my hands, then pushed him away when he tried to kiss me,” she said.

AS ran out of the lift when it stopped and went to the maintenance room, where she called her supervisor and informed her of the incident, records said.

Two days after the incident, AS said, she met SK in the same building and informed the guards, who stopped him until police came and arrested him, records show.

SK's lawyer said AS waited for two days to report the incident because she was blackmailing his client, who gave her Dh5,000 to not call the police.
A verdict is expected on March 16.