x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Reduced sentence for man who repeatedly stabbed brother’s friend in Dubai

Attacker left victim with guts spilling out of his abdomen and a 17cm-long scar.

DUBAI // A man who repeatedly stabbed his brother’s friend has had his attempted murder sentence reduced to three months.

The Emirati K O was in July this year sentenced in his absence to a year in jail for the attempted murder of M Y, 20, a stateless man who was friends with the defendant’s brother, J O.

The attacker had his sentence reduced after attending a retrial.

The Dubai Criminal Court heard on Tuesday that the victim, the brothers and one of the defendant’s friends were in a car on September 10, 2011, driving towards Nadd Al Hamar.

The victim said he had accidentally brushed hands with the defendant’s friend, and K O told his brother to stop the car.

He dragged the victim out and stabbed him repeatedly to the head, stomach, back, right leg and left shoulder, prosecutors said.

One of the cuts to his stomach left a 17-centimetre scar, and the defendant’s friend said it left the victim’s internal organs exposed.